The majority of our fixtures are made of cast aluminum, which is a reasonably durable material for most parts of North America. For those seeking greater durability and avoidance of rusting and corrosion, we offer alternatives. MarbleX® is our trade name for a non-metallic compound that includes ground marble particles. The finish on MarbleX® is also premium grade and resists peeling, chipping and harmful UV rays. Being an injection molded material, MarbleX® is strong and lends itself to the production of fine design details. We believe MarbleX® is the most durable material available for making outdoor light fixtures. Accordingly, MarbleX® fixtures are an increasingly important part of our line.

Durabrite is another long-lasting non-metallic material that we offer on several fixture collections. These are a good and economical choice for homeowners living in coastal areas where saltwater and intense sun are concerns.

For design and engineering reasons, certain incidental parts must be made of different materials papertyper. Since our products are often exposed to harsh environmental elements, we strive to use materials that offer good value as well as durability.